Die Deutsche Programmiersprache

DDP (german: The german programming language) is a (joke) programming language by NotLe0n and bafto, which was designed in such a way that programs written in it can be read like nearly correct German.

  • Most readable Programming language*
  • Would make Goethe proud!
  • Now even your gandma can write programs!
  • Run your Pseudocode!
  • Your essay can now process data!

* for Germans

German site

Branches and loops

DDP has branches and loops of course

It has equivalents if, else, else if, while, do-while, for, for-each und repeat.

Brackets don't exist in german writing, so we use tabs (or 4 spaces) to specify indentation.

You can shorten the control statement if it has only one statement following it.

VS Code support

With the official VS Code extension, you can easily write DDP without even knowing how to spell!

There is also sematic highlighting, so you can actually read your code and much more.

Using the language server it's possible to write extension for other editors